Keep it Simple. 5 Surefire Tips for Designing Complex Websites.

As a web designer I’m constantly forced to find solutions for necessarily complex websites. I find myself constantly sourcing ideas from the simple; “simplicity” that doesn’t reduce, but enhances and clarifies what is most important.

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F the grid. Discover ways to improve your grid based website design.

Life is a constant balance between structure and freedom. Most people can’t live exclusively with one or the other, and the same can be said for web design. Designing based on complex grids, structures, and sharp squares and rectangles helps to give stability to a website, but structure alone is not enough. ‘Content’ alone is not always enough.

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8 Great Examples of Restaurant Website Design 2014

First impressions count, and these days they usually start online. As such we’ve put together a great set showcasing Restaurant Website Design 2014. We’ve been sharpening our design knives and putting our coding hats on to serve up 8 unique restaurant websites for you to devour. Read on to see why we like each site.

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